Hospital Visitation

Included facilities: Arcadia Methodist Hospital, City Of Hope, S. Anita Convalescent, Temple City Convalescent, Arcadia Gardens and many more as needed.

Volunteers needed: Stop by Chabad and deliver Kosher Food to patients in the above-mentioned facilities. Up to 4 hours per week (for now). Smaller commitments by more individuals preferred.

   Chabad Shopping

 Volunteers needed: Up to 5 hours every other week. Your own car is required. Commitment can be for a part of the 5 hours, or a specific store.


 Volunteers needed: 1-2 hours twice a month to fold letters, seal & stamp envelopes, and mail them. No commitment required. Times must be coordinated.

Website Management

 Volunteer needed: Background with technology. Basic (or advanced) knowledge of HTML. Must be able to work remotely. 2 hours every week. Weekly commitment necessary, try-outs welcome.