Join us for our easy-to-follow service, followed by a delicious Kiddush and great company.


We do not charge membership. Every Jew is welcome regardless of affiliation and background. Our services are geared to make everyone comfortable no matter what level of observance you may be on.

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Shabbat Morning Services are held twice a month on the following dates:
Updated: 6/29/2018 12:07 pm
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Calendar date (2018) Hebrew date Parsha (Torah portion)
February 3 18 Shvat Yitro
February 17 2 Adar Terumah
March 3 16 Adar Ki Tisa
March 17 1 Nissan Vayikra (Leviticus) [Hachodesh]
March 31
Passover Refer to
April 14 29 Nissan Shemini
April 21 6 Iyar Tazria-Metzora
May 5 20 Iyar Emor
May 26 12 Sivan Naso
June 9 26 Sivan Shlach
June 30 17 Tammuz Balak
July 14 2 Av Matos-Masei (Chazak)
July 28 16 Av Va'etchanan (Nachamu)


Traditional Shachris Service: 10:00 am

Torah Study and Mussaf: 11:00 am

Kiddush Club & Luncheon: 12:00 pm

Our address is 445 W. Duarte Rd. Unit 5 (East of Baldwin, see map -- Just go straight down the main walkway, and it'll be the 2nd door on your right.)