Designed and developed by the world-renowned Jewish Learning Institute, the Torah Studies program brings you the tradition of classical Jewish learning in a series of clear and engaging weekly classes. Probing ideas and issues, the Torah Studies classes offer timely lessons for living – from the most timeless of all texts.

The Torah Studies program will introduce you to new planes in spiritual, social and self-awareness - one week at a time.

  Wednesday Evenings - 7:30-8:30 pm

Chabad: Call for address - 626-539-4578

Light Refreshments will be served - Class is Free of Charge 

 Dedication Opportunities 

Season Sponsor - $540

Season Co-Sponsor - $180 


Class 1 Wednesday, October 30 2019
Mirror on the Wall
Why What You See in Others Is a Reflection of Yourself
Class 1 Wednesday, November 6 2019
Self-Care Isn�t Always What It�s Cracked Up to Be
Putting Someone Else�s Needs Before Your Own Makes the World Go Round
Class 1 Wednesday, November 13 2019
Fixed in Time, Fixed into the Soul
A Designated Time and a Designated Place
Class 1 *Wednesday, November 20 2019
Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer�s Day?
Love, Marriage, and the Cycle of Time

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Class 1 Wednesday, November 27 2019
Solving Your Jewish Identity Crisis
The Recipe for Achieving a Seamless Life
Class 1 Wednesday, December 4 2019
Does G‑d Need Our Prayers?
Prayer Is All about Us
Class 1 Wednesday, December 11 2019
Stay Focused
The Best Way to Win Is Not to Engage
Class 1 Wednesday, December 18 2019
The Need for Jewish PR
Why Jews Must Engage with the World
Class 1

*Wednesday, December 25 2019
�Jewish Guilt� Is a Scam. There�s Really No Such Thing
Lessons from Joseph�s Majestic Behavior toward His Brothers

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Class 1 Wednesday, January 1 2020
You Can Bring Mashiach. Yes, You.
The Endgame Is in Our Hands, Now Let�s Get Cracking
Class 1 Wednesday, January 8 2020
Is the Gift of Gab Overrated?
A Look at the Way Society Values Style over Substance