Dear Friend,

We are entering the New Year of 5783 - a Hakhel Year. It’s the time of the year when we come to recognize that the successes of the work of Chabad of Arcadia are not ours alone. We thank and give appreciation to you, our dear friends and supporters, for helping us and serving as true partners in this sacred passion.

As a friend of Chabad, you have been an integral participant to the growth of our community and the expansion of our programs. We are extremely proud that we have grown to include weekly Shabbat Services, Jewish Men's Club, Women's Circle, Hospital chaplaincy/visitation, Mezuzah checking, Hebrew classes and many other holiday events throughout the year.

During the High Holiday season, our activities and requests for assistance are increased manyfold. Between High Holiday Services and Dinner at a beautiful hotel, Sukkot meals and Services, Mobile Sukkah traveling around town, holiday care packs and all ongoing programs, our High Holiday budget adds $15,000 above our ongoing overhead. We therefore appeal to our friends and supporters for help. Your partnership will support the upkeep of our beautiful community and enables us to continue offering services and bringing valuable programs to the Jewish Community in Arcadia and surrounding towns.

Thank you in advance for your continued support as we work together to build a wonderful future for our community.

As always, we welcome support in many different ways, including Planned Giving. Please contact us for more information and to get more involved.

And, please let us know how we can better serve you. 

With best wishes for a Happy and Healthy, Sweet New Year.

Rabbi Sholom & Simi Stiefel
Chabad of Arcadia