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Update (5/8/22): All Shabbat services are held outdoors at our Chabad House. We are in the midst of looking for an ample commercial indoor space where we can host weekly Shabbat Services - especially as the weather becomes increasingly hot! Please call our office with any leads, or if you'd like to partner with us in this endeavor: 626-539-4578

Shabbat services at Chabad provide Jewish locals and visitors - of all ages and backgrounds - an easy-to-follow service, along with Hebrew/English prayer books. 
We do not charge membership - every Jew is welcome regardless of affiliation and/or background. Our services are geared to make everyone comfortable; no matter what level of observance you may be on. 
Shabbat Services are followed by a Kiddush in an intimate and elegant setting where you can meet new friends, and celebrate Shabbat in a warm and enjoyable manner. There is never a charge for a Kiddush at Chabad.
We are looking forward to seeing you! Reservations are not required to attend services.


Kabbalah & Kookies: 9:30 am
Weekly class on Jewish Mysticism, along with some light baked goods.

Traditional Shachris Service: 10:30 am
Hebrew/English side-by-side prayer books provided. Page numbers on display for added convenience.

Torah Reading and Mussaf: 11:30 am
Traditional Torah Reading, with interspersed commentary and life-changing insights.

Kiddush & Luncheon: 12:45 pm
Food, good food, delicious food...scrumptous HOT food! Need I say More? L'Chaim! 

Kiddush Sponsorship: $250 

If you would like to sponsor the Kiddush of a particular week in honor of a birthday, Yahrtzeit or any special occasion Click Here